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Here are some common questions about Dolly’s Cannabis.


How will cannabis impact or affect me?

Cannabis and cannabis derived products offer a wide assortment of intended effects for consumers, ranging from increased hunger to euphoria, enhanced energy to sleepiness, and beyond.  However, the level of impact or effect ranges from person to person based on a variety of biological factors.  With no clear-cut or substantiated scientific studies to deliver concrete and consistent effects of cannabis products, it can be difficult to predict with any certainty how cannabis will affect you personally.  The impact of cannabis products can depend entirely on your genetic makeup, age, sex, frequency of use, mental health conditions, and much more.  Generally speaking, it is encouraged that you research the common side-effects of any cannabis product before purchasing.

How can cannabis help me?

Cannabis has been widely used recreationally for millennia, often to aid in relaxation or as a mood enhancer.  In recent years, cannabis has become widely recognized for a variety of personal benefits that can improve overall health and happiness in the consumer.   Studies have shown that recreational cannabis use can help improve appetite, reduce anxiety, enhance creativity, and reduce chronic pain for a variety of conditions.  While there are many benefits offered by cannabis, some consumers might experience some undesired impacts such as dizziness, sleepiness, reduced reaction time, or paranoia – and it is important to factor these potential effects when choosing a product.  Long term use of cannabis can also increase the potential for long term memory issues, lung disease, or other mental health concerns.

How do I choose the right product for me?

With so many cannabis products on the market, it can feel overwhelming to pick the right product for your specific concerns.  When choosing a cannabis product, it is important to understand the desired outcomes, the potential effects, and how your body specifically might respond to the cannabis products.  By identifying your desired outcome, you can then choose a product that most closely aligns with your goals – but it is also important to understand the potential impacts of the product on your specific biological makeup.  Cannabis impacts each consumer differently, and while each product is tested and examined for intended effects, your experience may vary.  When trying a new product, it is important to start small and give adequate time to feel the effect.

What factors determine how cannabis will impact me?

While ingredients vary from product to product, there are five major components in every cannabis product that will impact the overall effect on your body.

  • THC Content The main active ingredient in cannabis, generally responsible for the psychotropic impact on the body.
  • CBD Content The second active ingredient in cannabis that delivers relaxation and pain relief, but no psychoactive effects.
  • Terpenes The essential oils that are in cannabis, responsible for the smell and taste of the products. 
  • Consumption Method Different methods of ingestion can alter the impact or effect of the cannabis product.  
  • Consumption Amount Different individuals have different tolerances based on their genetics, age, size, gender, frequency of use, and other unique factors.  
What should I be looking for on the cannabis product labels?

Each cannabis product comes with a detailed label that identifies several important pieces of data designed to help the consumer make an informed decision on how the product will impact them.  The most important numbers to understand when purchasing a cannabis product are the total cannabinoids.  These are broken down into THC and CBD.  These numbers are expressed in two distinct ways on each label:  A base level number, and a percentage.  The base level identifies the quantity of the cannabinoids as purchased, and the percentage identifies the total percentage as consumed.  Generally speaking, the percentage is helpful to understand the overall potency of the product, allowing the consumer to determine the appropriate balance between the psychoactive components of THC to the non-psychotropic impacts of CBD. Understanding this information can help the consumer avoid undesired effects, as well as improve the overall effectiveness for the individual.

What different types of cannabis products are available?

Hash: A cannabis extract that is formed into a brick by using heat and pressure.

Shatter:  A highly concentrated cannabis extract that has a glass-like appearance that is solvent-based.  

Rosin:  Also created by applying heat and pressure, rosin offers exceptionally high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other cannabis extract products.

Vaporizer:  Among the most popular products on the market today, cannabis extract is combined with oils and ingredients to make an inhalable vapor without direct flame.

Edibles:  Available in both food and beverage products, edible cannabis products deliver effects that are longer lasting compared to other methods, but also have a longer lag time between consumption and impact.

Flower:  One of the original methods of cannabis consumption, flower requires a pipe, glass, or other methods to inhale the product.


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