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At Dolly’s Cannabis, we know the magic weed works from first-hand experience. We get why you need it because we need it, too! That’s why specialize in products for every type of consumer. Be it for health or recreation, you’ll be sure to find the right pick of high-grade cannabis here for you. Dolly’s journey has impacted thousands so far and we won’t stop just there. Our mission is to ensure that everyone gets to experience the freedom that legal marijuana offers.

At our online haven, you can feel safe and appreciated as you browse through our options. And there’s no rush. We always take the time to research the best products out there and only sell what we also enjoy ourselves. Dolly’s friendly staff will walk you step-by-step into the entire process. Our specialized and licensed manufacturers have worked passionately to guarantee the most euphoric experience of your time. There is no greater gift then the break you need, allow us to help you get there.

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From the origins of Morocco, hash has proven to be one of the most potent forms of cannabis on the market. And we’re bringing it right to your doorstep. Get any variety of compressed cannabis trichomes, from the hybrids to the exotics that you’ve never heard of before. And hey, don’t stress over the THC and CBD concentrations; we’ve already tested them out and listed all the details at your disposal.


Enjoy the effects of a full-spectrum dose from our purely pressed marijuana oil. Perfect for days when you’re not in the mood for a solvent-based option, rosin has gained popularity throughout the Canadian public as one of the most effective forms of cannabis. Our product promises to deliver up fast effects with up to 70 percent THC concentrations.


Imagine being able to puff out on cannabis without the need for a lighter. We present to you state-of-the-art marijuana vaporizers through enhanced scientific technology. Over the years, studies have shown that inhaling the vapor of the cannabis plant is far safer than direct smoking. Say goodbye to that old bong with your new converter from Dolly.


Why not spice things up a bit with our convenient list of cannabis edibles. You might instantly think, “chewable,” but we’ve got a surprise for you – our dispensary also offers weed in both food and drinks to suit any occasion.


Take it back old-school with a chillum or bong and our ultra-dried marijuana buds for the ultimate experience in potency. Here’s a fun fact: The average joint wraps about 0.32 grams of cannabis flower and gives off some of the strongest flavors of the plant.


We weren’t joking when we said there’s a product for every buyer in Toronto. After all, you’re the most important part of our goal. At Dolly’s Cannabis, we even offer lotions to target your skin from the head to toe. That’s right, we care about you from all angles.

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We wouldn’t be the best provider in Toronto if we didn’t make sure that you walk out – or log off – with no need left unattended. Cannabis isn’t the only thing you’ll find in our store. Check out our line of accessories to optimize your weed affair. Running short on your lighter, charger, or tray? We’ve got it down!

In need of a little more? Maybe a new bong and dab rig, we got all the hand picked accessories to meet your needs.

Your order will start being processed from the moment you hit the confirm button. We do our best to ensure that all products are ready for you promptly.

How to Find the Best Toronto Marijuna Dispensary

We’re not just an online cannabis store. You can easily find our dispensary at 1105 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Canada. Our doors are opened to you 7 days a week for your convenience beginning at 11am daily, feel free to give us a call at (289) 799-7928 or email at

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